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IE Is for Squares

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

After taking a peek beneath the covers of the beautiful WordPress 2.7 admin interface and reading John Allsopp’s Shiny Happy Buttons article on, it’s become abundantly clear that the next great web design era isn’t going to wait around for Internet Explorer. The future is going to be a bit more rounded and IE will be, well, square.


Fix for Disabled Web Developer CSS Shortcut in Firefox 3

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

It’s been a couple weeks since I traded in Firefox 2 for Firefox 3 and I’ve rarely glanced back. Most of my critical extensions have been ported and work fabulously. And what few annoyances that did arise were quickly cleared up with a few hacks to trick FF3 into accepting older extensions. Muzzling the AwesomeBar with oldbar also made things more tolerable.

One irritation defied all my attempts to resolve: disabling CSS via the Web Developer Extension’s long-standing keyboard shortcut CMD-SHIFT-S. Apparently the Mozilla team decided to Shanghai that shortcut for their History Sidebar. Why?

No matter. Today I found my solution in Keyconfig for Firefox 3. Now I can create, edit, or disable existing any FF3 shortcut I wish. Buhbye, History Sidebar!

Pointing to MAMP from Virtual Windows

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
MAMP personal web server TextMate editor Firefox browser

Web development on a Mac is pure joy. There are so many tools that just that make building websites simple and even fun. From the dead-simple MAMP web server setup to the deceptively powerful TextMate editor to the game-changing Firefox browser-cum-editor/tester (with the essential Web Developer, FireBug, and ySlow extensions), it’s all good in Mac land.