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Fix for Disabled Web Developer CSS Shortcut in Firefox 3

Thursday, July 10th, 2008

It’s been a couple weeks since I traded in Firefox 2 for Firefox 3 and I’ve rarely glanced back. Most of my critical extensions have been ported and work fabulously. And what few annoyances that did arise were quickly cleared up with a few hacks to trick FF3 into accepting older extensions. Muzzling the AwesomeBar with oldbar also made things more tolerable.

One irritation defied all my attempts to resolve: disabling CSS via the Web Developer Extension’s long-standing keyboard shortcut CMD-SHIFT-S. Apparently the Mozilla team decided to Shanghai that shortcut for their History Sidebar. Why?

No matter. Today I found my solution in Keyconfig for Firefox 3. Now I can create, edit, or disable existing any FF3 shortcut I wish. Buhbye, History Sidebar!